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This system connects to your WiFi router with 2.4GHz and interests on the Internet. If your modem EvAk turn into a modem and you establish a direct connection with this application.

433MHz and a dynamic structure that can learn IR signals really "smart". It can also EvAk WiFi-developed system endpoints. For example, you can control from your wall outlet in your home WiFi Smart EvAk-EvAk center in your office.

EvAk your hands on your own is no other infrared IR receiver and IR transmitter electronics with your employees in infrared LEDs without an additional device or you can use for lighting control.

EvAk Central and EvAk-WiFi model has been working with this application.

about EvAk-WiFi models:
evak1-Combi: dry contact boiler control external temperature sensor (5-12DC optionally 433MHz receiver and control)

evak1-Prize: electrical on-off control of the power sockets mounted on the existing outlet (220AC, optionally 433MHz receiver and control)

evak8: Eight Channel Relay through 8 can control the light-electricity source. (5DC, optionally 433MHz receiver and control)

Other Features
Alarm system: 433MHz hard-coded that you previously tried to add wireless sensors. The motion sensor, door sensor, flood sensor, siren, remote control and so on.

Infrared control: Air conditioning, TV, satellite receiver, sound system, identify existing controls in your hand as EvAk Led strip.

EvAk internal temperature sensor and real time clock is on. Thousands temperature position data and device status reports.

Cameras: rope in your hand you can watch the instant screenshot of your camera or video from these cameras can save web pages to EvAk system.

Scenarios: If Currently, this happens. If you are, they will. It's that easy! E.g:
When this thing is turned on or when the alarm is played or when the temperature at 21 degrees or hours of 13: 00 or if the door is that when the bell rang: Send SMS, off the alarm, turn on the lights, raise the TV sound off the wall socket, send HTTP trigger ...

Integration with other systems:
Incoming requests - EvAk send ip trigger and run Smart Thing. When you enter the command in the web browser 1. Example device comes ten position.

Outgoing claims - can send http EvAk trigger the get method. Device type and write an email when you add http linien.

Firmware Update:
Dynamic structure with EvAk uploading files over the internet or local network has the update feature of the software itself.

These are just a beginner, this smart things that make a difference, you have to remove the life style to a high standard.

Hello World! Home Hello!

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