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 Find the Differences 100 level : Spot Differences 1.0


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Play our find the differences game 100 levels and adore beautiful images in a classic spot the difference puzzle game, This game is quite similar to the free hidden object game.

The goal is to find difference between two identical images. It’s even harder to spot the differences between two seemingly identical images. It takes a keen eye, but here are a few of the hardest “find the difference” challenges you’ll ever see! You’d have to have a great eye to spot every single one of those differences correctly! Enjoy amazing pictures while you attempt to find differences between them!

This is a classic casual game known as “Find the difference”, “Difference game”, or “Spot the difference” where you have to find the five differences between two images of different locations. Try to find them all before the time runs out. If you are not able to find difference quickly, you can increase time by using time bonus. If you get stuck, there is a hint system to help you! You can use 3 hints in each level. So start playing and search and discover all the differences you can find in two similar pictures. When you spot a difference, just tap on the screen. Be careful, if you tap on the wrong spot, your precious time will be reduced. Scan the picture quickly, to determine what is different. Can you solve the puzzle before the time runs out?

Lots of fun ahead. Spot the differences is a great way to train your brain and improve your concentration and observation skills. Download it today for free.

This find the differences game free is among the best fun games for kids and for adults! Guess the difference now! All it takes is an eye for details! Look closely – and then look again in a game that has you doubting what you see. You'll be presented with two images side-by-side. They look the same – or do they? For each set of pictures, there are five differences; in one, an item's color might be different, in another, there may be a missing button. How many can you find? The faster you do it, the higher your score will be!

If you like playing mystery games, puzzle games, and other educational games, this memory booster will bring you numerous benefits! “

“Find the difference free” is the best guess difference game for kids and for adults and both genders will love it. Amazing “find it games” give you a chance to have fun and use educational apps at the same time. “Find the differences games” are excellent for playing in a pair – play these “spot it games free” with your friend or your special someone! Easy to play just Find 5 Spot the differences between these two pictures with Time Limit many level wait for you to compare pictures two picture in game that difference? Some differences are very easy to find, but some are very mysterious. So, if you like mystery games, you're at the right place!


Up to 100 levels !
play with Time Limit
At Each level 3 hints to help you for find differences between the images
Time Bonus
Designed for smartphones and tablets
Great zoom system to help on the search
Amazing HD pictures
Great sound effects
Addictive gameplay that is fun for everyone!
Simple and intuitive interface

Find all 5 hidden differences before the timer runs out. With over 100 high quality photos and 500 differences to spot, What’s the Difference will keep you busy in your free time!

We hope you will enjoy this game with your friends and family. Download Find the Difference game, install it on your device, and “find differences” like never before! Beat all levels in Find the differences with the highest score to get more stars! Enjoy Find the Difference puzzle game!
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