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FIT N LIFE is the only activity tracking app with clinically verified tracking algorithms. It knows the difference between typing on a keyboard and your daily run. Using MET calculations, it also applies an intensity level to each of your activities. This way, you know how hard you have to work to burn off those extra calories. With FIT N LIFE, you can track your activity intensity, activity duration, steps taken, calories burned, fat burned, and more. FIT N LIFE works with all FitNLife wearables.

Features Overview
- Reports fat burned, calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and activity intensity
- Highlights activity metrics (e.g., fat burned, calories burned) for selected time periods
- Displays an activity’s duration and the corresponding intensity level
- Allows you to check daily, weekly, and monthly activity goals
- Automatically personalizes activity programs based on your physical condition, fitness level, and personal ambition
- Lets you share activity data with friends, partners, and family members

Tracks All Activity, Only Reports Activity with an Impact on Health
Using advanced tracking algorithms, the FIT N LIFE app can tell whether you were walking, running, or typing on a keyboard. Of those 3 activities only running and walking would have a positive impact on your health, so the FIT N LIFE app includes them in your activity metrics.

Activity Duration and the Intensity Level
FitNLife's tracking technology is capable of tracking all types of activities. It is also able to determine the duration of an activity as well.

Using the duration of the activity and MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) calculations, the FIT N LIFE app assigns an intensity level to each tracked activity.

Why is this important? Only by knowing the intensity level can you truly understand your performance in a given activity over time.

Personalized Activity Programs based on your Physical Condition
25 activity programs come pre-loaded with the FIT N LIFE app. Each activity program follows activity guidelines created by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Each of these activity programs can be personalized.

The FIT N LIFE app uses several factors to personalize an activity program for you such as:

- profile information (e.g., height, weight, etc.)
- personal ambition
- fitness level, and
- data collected during activities

With this information, the FIT N LIFE app will make minor adjustments to an activity program to keep you engaged and on track to achieving your goals.
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