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FlashHelp is a utility that enables a user to text emergency situations and GPS coordinates to emergency services (i.e. US 9-1-1, EU/GB 1-1-2, AU 0-0-0 etc...), where available, and text your GPS location to friends.

* Almost all map utilities today: phone, web, etc... understand GPS coordinates, just copy and paste the coordinates into your favorite map app.
* Not all emergency services facilities can accept text messages, per US law the wireless carriers are forced to send a reply text message, "bounce back message," in order to inform the user that it cannot facilitate the message. FlashHelp, after sending a message, will register a text message watcher in order to catch this reply if it comes back from the carrier in order to quickly switch you over to a "call mode" to help get you the help you need as quickly as possible. If the message was delivered successfully, fails or times out after a couple minutes the watcher is removed.

Features: (One Click Actions)
* Flashlight
* Text GPS Coordinates To Emergency Services
* Report Police Emergency
* Report Medical Emergency
* Report Fire Emergency
* Report Car Accident
* Text GPS Coordinates To Any Phone (i.e. contacts, etc...)
* Call Emergency Services

* Provides a flashlight (your cameras flash) for getting into or checking your car at night, finding that item you dropped in the dark or for just any other situation you may need it and with the added comfort of knowing that emergency services is just a tap away.
* Offers a quick and easy way to notify emergency services of 4 different types of emergency situations (police, medical, fire and car accident) through a text message that includes: your current GPS coordinates, the type of emergency, your name (settable) and your handicap (settable if applicable).
* Has an option for sending your GPS coordinates to a friend through your standard text messenger utility.
* Enables a quick and easy one click solution for calling emergency services in case GPS services are not available, turned off on the device or perhaps it is simply your preferred method of contact.

* If you see a car accident on your way home from work you will be able to report its location without a distracting and long voice call. You can quickly send multiple messages to inform them that there is a need for multiple responders, i.e. police, medical and fire, depending on the situation.
* If your car breaks down on the side of the road and you have no clue as to where you are. You will be able to provide emergency services with your exact GPS coordinates, especially if you are in a blizzard, extreme heat, or just in the middle of no where. You could instead just send your location to a friend or tow company in the case where you believe they are better suited to come get you instead of emergency services.
* You are at a party, building, house in the country or any other hard to identify location and you need to inform your friends or business acquaintances of how to find you. You will be able to simply text your GPS coordinates to them.
* If someone abducts you and you are not able to make a call. You will be able to notify emergency services of your exact location. You will even be able to give them your path of travel and speed as you keep updating them to your current location quietly and with only one tap.
* If you ever find yourself needing to text more information to emergency services you could always utilize the "text a contact" feature, add the emergency service number as the recipient then include the information you wish to send after your location.

Please contact your local and regional emergency services facility to help you understand where or IF you will be able to utilize text to EMS.
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