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Flight Assistant is an aviation "moving map" GPS application.

Developed by pilots, it will be your best co-pilot on your Android phone or tablet.

Prepare your flight, download AIP (aeronautical) data, NOTAMs and weather data as well as airport charts and you are ready to take off.

Flight Assistant will help you to follow the flight plan that you have defined and will provide you with all the information you might need in flight.
Further more, Flight Assistant uses vector maps that are both much smaller and much more readable at all scales than the usual raster maps most other application use.

Flight Assistant comes with a companion web application that you can use to prepare your flights and manage your planes. https://app.flightassistant.aero
For added security, all you data is automatically synchronized to all your devices and the web(*).

The Flight Assistant application comes free, but you can subscribe to various data packages that enable more advanced feature in the application (comprehensive aeronautical data, HD vector maps, 3D terrain, etc).
Please visit our website for more information.

Main features...
•Prepare on the web, use your mobile device in flight with all your data synchronised (*)
•Vector maps (always crispy clear, always readable)
•Multi-zoom moving map (can show either North up or track up)
•Airspaces awareness and alerts (*)
•Horizontal situation indicator
•Official aeronautical data (*)
•Integrated maps library
•Flight preparation: create a flight plan from internal data or user waypoints
•Weight & balance: flexible weight and balance calculation (user defined weight station, CG limits, etc.)
•Electronic navigation log with offline access to the route documents (airports charts & data, NOTAMs, METARs and TAFs)
•Flight recording in Google Earth compliant format (*)
•Versatile usage modes; flight plan (prepared navigation), GOTO, or "free flight"
•"Nearest" feature, providing a list of the closest airports
•Download airport charts & diagrams for in flight offline use (availability in some countries)
•Download NOTAMs (*), METARs et TAFs for in flight offline use
•Choose your units (metric or imperial for speed, distance and altitude)

* : Require a subscription to one of the Flight Assistant plan
Please note that the full set of aeronautical data requires a data subscription

Getting started? Visit our website https://www.flightassistant.aero/resources-support/.
Please read the manual (http://static.flightassistant.aero/docs/FlightAssistant_UG.pdf) and make yourself comfortable with the application before taking off.

Follow the application news on Twitter (https://twitter.com/droidfa) or Google+ (https://plus.google.com/+FlightassistantAero).

This application requires a GPS (either embedded or Bluetooth connected).
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