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 Flying Iron Hero City Survival 1.1


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Welcome to the Flying Iron Hero City Survival where iron hero crackdown to mafia, drug dealers and gangsters in city town. There are many crimes like drug buying and selling, mafia criminals in city town. You have different combos and fighting skills so stop gangsters from escape. Some cops are involved with criminals. Flying iron hero can drive car so we used super fast sport car. Super iron hero fight with dangerous mafia, criminals and bad guys for Justice. This Strange flying Hero game is full of exciting and action adventures.

Flying iron hero city survival is action game for all flying hero fans and iron hero lovers. Use all your super power and marvelous strategy to save the innocent civilians from the mafia and gangsters. It is a new flying iron hero game while you are playing and enjoy the missions when you are solved. Iron super hero saves city from evil powers. Flying iron hero provides platform where people live happily in our city.

Flying iron hero city survival is started with wonderful story, nuclear weapon making in secret lab when the intelligent scientist made the nuclear weapons so the government decided dangerous nuclear weapons carried out of this lab to the secret place. When dangerous weapon is carrying to the secret place suddenly dangerous gangsters and mafia attacked on the security team. Security team and mafia fights with each other suddenly flying iron hero came here and save the nuclear weapons from evil forces. Underworld sells drug to innocent citizens with the power of greed and guns, so you will stop illegal activity. Different places of the grand city you will stop the dealing with mafia and mad gangsters. You will save the beautiful city and innocent citizen life with the curse of drugs and criminals. Bad guys and drugs mafia try to convert beautiful city into graveyard with the help of evil forces but you will fight for the justice and save the vice town.

• Play as flying iron hero and save the city
• Fight with bad guys with the help of fire powers and combos
• Save the innocent peoples from evil forces
• Move from one place to another with the help of Flying power
• Stop the drugs dealing and chase the enemies with car
• 3D graphics with battle environment

Time for final battle, our strange flying hero with unique skills is here to fight with dangerous mafia criminals in city war. Flying iron hero city Survival is specially designed for all super flying fans and action games lovers. Use all your fantastic power as super flying iron hero and marvelous strategy to protect the people form unpleasant activities.
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