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Freak fall is a one tap game where you have to tap the character before it falls off the screen to rescue it! It is not so easy as things only start to seem challenging after you find out that it’s just not the passengers that are thrown! There are the ‘not to be tapped’ objects too to which you carefully must skip tapping so as to continue rescuing.Those objects are TNT boxes. Besides being fast, spontaneous and reflexive, you’ve got to concentrate on the traits of characters too keep continue rescuing.

Game play:

Gameplay starts as an aeroplane dashes in the clouds throwing off people from it. Tap on them as quick as you can for the number of people to be rescued increase! Not just people, you’ll find some special prizes falling with parachutes for you to help rescuing. Collect those bonus prizes for special points. The TNT cans are those you must be aware of and take extra care of them. A tap on them would end the entire rescue mission. Different characters and varied themes to increase the complexity of the game to make it fun and challenging for you.

Every person falling off has his unopened parachute attached to him! Tap on the character before he goes off your sight to release his parachute to rescue him. Speed, rigorous and continuous fall of characters need you to be alert, attentive and watchful.
As the time progresses, the gameplay speeds up and people to be rescued increase.

Different themes to make the game even more engaging and personalized to your taste. Select your favorite theme from the game home screen and go rescuing.

Plane drops tribal fat and lean guys along with all the TNT cans, gift packs and everything it has. Double tap on the fat tribal guys to enable double layered parachute and a single tap for the lean ones would rescue them good! Rescue them all and collect all the gifts but beware of those explosives might blast!

As the plane of high end delegates crashes, the well off luckless have to be rescued. Select the theme and set off on a mission to save people well dressed up. Nevertheless, the sharp lookout for the TNT’s must not be left blind.

The free custom theme is the default theme which comes unlocked in stock in the game. The civilians need to be rescued on the first go. Watch out for the gift boxes as they stuff you up with coins. Look out for the TNT’s as hitting them would squander your entire mission.

Game features:
- soothing music
- free to play
- very simple gameplay
- speed matters
- only one finger tap
- can be played offline
- compete with friends globally
- easy controls even kids can play
- pleasant background
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