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 Fysta - Lose weight with specialized fitness video 1.3.12


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Get your daily fix of exercise right in your room...in just 10 minutes!
Lose weight with specialized fitness videos on Fysta.
Want to lose weight without intense workouts? The free all-in-one fitness app, Fysta, is for you.

Yoga, general fitness, muscle building workouts, stretches...you name it.
Without the need to go to the gym everyday, get all of the above in full-screen videos right on your smart phone. Watch, mimic, and you’re well on your way to losing weight with Fysta.

Fysta allows you to organize workouts and running sessions without a hassle. Check your changes in weight by the daily, simply by inputting your weight. This allows you to record and manage your weight to figure out which curated program fits best for you.

Recommended for individuals who
- look to improve their health through weight-loss and exercise, but cannot find the time to consistently go to the gym.
- look to effectively lose weight at home without having to follow intense diets.
- aim for a healthy weight management.
- want to improve their metabolism through yoga/physical training.
- manage their weight at a glance.
- look for easy-to-follow videos with demonstrations by professional trainers.
- simply want to lose weight.
- can not seem to lose weight through basic exercises.
- want to improve their physical appearance.
- do not know where to start.
- do not know which exercise works best for them.
- check their health status by recording their daily weight.
- want to effectively become fit through specific data.
- want to lose weight through running and physical training. No shortcuts!

Functions and Features
- Full-screen videos that get the most out of your smart phone screen.
- Select preset or personal music as your BGM.
- Various programs supervised and prepared by professional trainers. Program categories include: weight-loss, form-building, area-concentrated muscle building, physical training, and weight management.
- Play videos in slow motion to go over key points and closely check body forms.
- Recording your progress is crucial in your goal to losing weight, so we provide a weight management feature to keep track of your weight change.
As long as you have a smart phone, you can work on your fitness anytime, anywhere, so your weight-loss journey will be sure to continue!

Videos included in Fysta
- Muscle Building: 2 week training program (30 workout movements)
- Form Building: 2 week training program (30 workout movements)
- Weight-loss: 2 week training programs (46 workout movements)
- Fat Burn (13 workout movements)
- Yoga: 4 programs (69 workout movements)
- Stretching: 2 programs (14 workout movements)
- Area Concentrated: 3 programs (27 workout movements)
- Legs for Men (6 workout movements)
- Arms for Men (5 workout movements)
- Weight-loss for Men: 2 week training program (30 workout movements)
- NEW Muscle-building for Beginners: #宅トレ部・・・ #workoutathome #teamhomeworkout
- LIMITED Special program by Rio Matsumoto: Morning Mermaid Flow (28 workout movements)
A total of 316 workout movements prepared in program videos.

More videos on running coming soon. Videos will include topics on proper running forms, warm up and cool down routines, and Intermediate and above programs.

NEW! Running/Walking Feature
- You can now set distance, time, and pace goals!
*When in running mode, voice guidance will activate and retrieve GPS information.
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