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Gender Wayang is a 10-key metallophone, coming in pairs, most be doubled from an other pair one octave higher, tuned in Slendro scale. As Gender Wayang is played with two panggul (mallets) - other than the Gangsa in Gong Kebyar - two player together play the melody (left hand) and the interlocking parts kotekan (right hand) as a complete „mini“ Gamelan.

Gamelan Gender is intended as a practicing tool. Play the polos part, while Gamelan Gender plays the sangsih, loop parts to memorize, generate your own songs as midi file in a sequencing program, import it into Gamelan Gender. Its keys can be tuned, to match your real instruments - this is important, as every set of Gender Wayang has its own tuning.

Comes with 4 original songs (gending) and a Gender Wayang and a Gangsa Pelog tuning.

• MIDI file player
• Animated keys for „traditional" learning
• Sound bank sampled from real instruments
• Keys assignable to midi notes (adjust to your MIDI file)
• Tune it to your real instruments
• Mathematical tuning system, only 5 keys have to be defined
• Calculated tuning can be overwritten, and each of the 40 keys frequency can be defined
• Loop parts for practicing, increase/decrease tempo on every re-loop
• Set proportional tempo changes for different parts...
• Change tuning to pelog scale and use it for Gong Kebyar practicing as well, create your own 10 key tunings....

This is the "lite" version of Gamelan Gender. It does all the "full" version does, except saving changes to songs and tunings, imports midi-files only and can't send files by mail and It won't run in background.
• Now the full version additionally supports USB-MIDI-in, play Gender's sound through your midi-controller.
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