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 Gangster San Andreas 1.3.1


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After a dishonorable discharge due to code red max is now out in the society. His friend Bob helps him settle in his town called big boys alley. Being a marine, max is very highly qualified with using guns and has experience in hand to hand combat. The society he lives in is very corrupt and they tease max in various ways. Sick of all this mafia, gangster vendetta and street crime, he makes his mind to make a living out of this thug’s blood.
Help max as he takes up breath taking challenges and lethal missions to clean this society of gangsters, drug dealers, local criminals and corrupt mafia in this gangster game of future. Complete your mission objectives and achieve good score and earn money and respect. Choose between multiple modes of combat.
In this gangster san Andreas game you interact with various gangsters or mafia and multiple missions and experience for yourself how carefully these missions are carried out. Experience being in a deathly environment filled with killers and bad people. Become a con, and take up missions from grand mafia king to create a repo. Take up futuristic furious vehicles and expensive mafia cars to complete missions.
We provide you with many vehicles like furious cars and most classic of them gangster mafia car and fast sports cars. What’s more amazing is that we provide you with a chopper! Yes a freaking deadly helicopter to achieve missions and great result. You have lots of guns you can choose from artillery. Go to the gun shop in the game and buy guns from the arms dealer for your missions.
In gangster san Andreas town; the big boy’s alley, is filled with various bad guys who have connections in the police and secret service. So your missions are to kill these people and make good money off their blood and buy new guns. Kill dishonorable policemen and corrupt officers and wipe the society of this disease.
Engage in multiple battles, fight in hand to hand combat and show off with your army skills. Pick up lethal arms and put holes in the bodies of these thugs and killers. Take your vehicles to your mission and take your chopper for special missions in air and unleash hell from above. Enjoy the simulation of characters and amazing and smooth simulation of luxury mafia cars. Experience fantastic responsive controls and drive at heart racing speeds. Become the king of mafia city and rule challenge violence with violence.
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