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Get more details about your 3D print models (gcode) now.
This app shows all the details about your 3D print model files (gcode)
How long will it take to print the object ? What is the material cost of it ?
How can I optimize the print time of my 3D Model (where is the time spend) ?
Whats the average print speed by layer ?
The App answers these questions and much more !

It shows the following details of the 3D print model:
-Cost / Price
-Print Time
-Length of Filament needed
-Layer Height
-Number of Layers
-Average / Min print speed
-Slowest/Fastest layer
-Print Model Size
-Print Mode Weight
-Print Mode Mass
-2D snapshot image of the print model (top view)
-3D View of the model
+Temperature by layer chart
+Speed by layer chart
+Print time by layer

In case of problems please check on the homepage if the problem is already described.
If not, please write an email to gcode@dietzm.de
Google Play Review comments are not adequate for reporting bugs because they don't allow a real communication.
Join the Google+ community to ask questions, request features or raise bugs:

Please note: this App makes use of Google Analytics to collect some anonymous statistical data e.g. number of starts
The collected data is only used to improve the App behaviour.
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