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GeekyAdvice is a simple way to help you by providing suggestions on the best phone that one should operate, based upon the specified requirement of the individual. It acts as a one stop solution for mobile advice and through the Easy suggestion agenda, we bestow a utopian solution to the needs specified by you. Its algorithm is nicely-embedded and makes it a completely user- focussed app. We not only manage the part of providing you a relevant suggestion but also provide links to buy that phone online from verified e-commerce websites. Come and discover a phone of your needs by using the amazing features offered by the app.

Use GeekyAdvice to:

Create a secured account, log into it and select all the features that you want in your dream phone and get the best results on it.

Interact with a friend named, Geekyst who will act as your phone consultant throughout the process of operating the app.

Navigate through the manageable interface and choose the options like, budget, brand, performance, battery-life and all other characteristics that you wish to enjoy in your phone before getting topmost suggestions for the phone of your needs.

Regularly read some tips/tricks to understand the hefty technical words so that you are made aware about the ins and outs of the specifications of a phone.

Display useful links to buy that phone safely from a verified e-commerce website.

GeekyAdvice is a totally free and user-centric App to assist its users to easily use their entered information and based, upon their preferences, produces an output phone suggestion that would perfectly match its needs to utmost level. This app does more than help you find your smartphone. The app is said to cater everyone’s needs using an algorithm that filter’s all your needs through a pre-designed set of inputs and reflects the required output. The data entered by user is stored securely adhering to user’s information protection from any confidentiality attack.

The app does not compromise in providing quality and therefore, is ready to impart the adequate solutions and create impact in the people’s lives. For people who are still perplexed when it comes to choosing a smartphone and keep looking for websites to look for their reviews, comparing their specifications and finding some unparalleled functionality to select a better phone among them, This app works best for you! Discover your geeky side through this app!
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