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● If you're looking for “cool lock screens” with an “app pattern lock” , we've got some great news for you guys! Wondering what makes this “pattern lock screen” different from other phone security apps? Our “phone lock app” – ✋✍️✋ Gesture Lock Screen and App Lock ✋ – allows you to unlock/lock the phone with a variety of gestures. You can draw pattern to unlock, make a cool signature, write letters, symbols or contextual gestures to gain access to your favorite gadget.

○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□

● Searching for something different when it comes to a “mobile lock app” ? Tired of using an outdated “app lock pattern” ? This “app security lock” with pattern wallpapers and backgrounds is something completely new in the world of “phone lock screen” apps. With cool backgrounds for your phone, this “app lock new” version 2017 latest enables you to draw gesture to open app . That sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? Don't think twice. Free download gesture lock screen draw off screen and make your phone more secure. Install this high security applock – ✋✍️✋ Gesture Lock Screen and App Lock ✋ – and keep your smartphone or tablet safe with this draw gestures screen lock app .

○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□

How to use the “best app lock”:

● Open the screen pattern lock app first;
● Check the 'Enable lock screen' box and activate lock my phone option ;
● Draw a pattern design you want to use as your gesture lock screen apps ;
● Enjoy cool wallpapers and backgrounds.


● Get the best pattern lock app!
● Choose cool wallpapers for lock screen!
● Select different types of lock screen pattern designs!
● Set unlock pattern types to keep your phone secure!
● Set the line type – change its color, design or level of transparency!
● Choose am/pm or 24h time setting!
● Turn date on/off!
● Choose to show or hide time, date and battery!
● Make sure you like your settings by checking the preview!
● Unlock my device with our phone pattern lock !
● Please rate our password pattern app - ✋✍️✋ Gesture Lock Screen and App Lock ✋ - for free and don't forget to share it with your friends and family!

○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□

● Customize your phone the way you've always wanted with one of our cool apps for your phone for free . These cool themes for your phone are carefully designed to decorate your smartphone/tablet and make it resistant to any attempts of breaching your security gesture pattern. When you enable this app “pattern lock screen new style 2017” , think of a “gesture lock screen” pattern which no one will guess and personalize your device with the best wallpapers for mobile screen . Download ✋✍️✋ Gesture Lock Screen and App Lock ✋ completely free of charge and protect your privacy.

○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□ ○●◦●◙○ □■▫■▪□

● It's not all fun and games when it comes to your smartphone or tablet and protecting sensitive information and other bits of personal data that you don’t desire others to see. With this mobile pattern lock, you no longer have to worry about your private information on your phone being exposed to other because the secret hand gesture pattern in known only to you.Tap on that download button already and install - ✋✍️✋ Gesture Lock Screen and App Lock ✋ - that will provide you with full phone protection and best themes in the world.
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