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What if your lock screen could have stunning wallpapers, but also update you with interesting stories each time you unlock your phone. Presenting Glance: World’s first wallpaper stories app: Discover interesting stories through stunning wallpapers.
A breaking news article, a breathtaking photo, a movie that you should look forward to, an invention that is changing the world, a place to travel over the weekend, a recipe for your next meal, a quote to start the day, or just a cool fact you did not know.
We unlock our phones 150 times a day on an average. What if, every few unlocks, you discover something exciting, something you have never seen before. We call these wallpapers as Glances. You can just “glance” at them and move on to use your phone. Without any extra effort, you can get entertained and enriched 150 times a day. You could also peek (pull down) glances to read an article or watch a short video.
We recently added support for 360 images!

Key Features:
- Fresh Glances on unlocks: Every few unlocks, we refresh and show a fresh glance. Most of the glances have a story associated with them. Some of the glances do not have a story associated with them and are just shown for their sheer beauty.
- Peek and watch more: You can peek (pull down) and read more/watch a video for every story. Most of the articles/videos are short (< 2 min), thus allowing you to just snack on them and move on.
- Share a glance: If you like a glance, you can share with your friends through social media (Instagram, Facebook etc)
- Notifications: All your notifications from favorite apps are available on swiping left
- Smart Shortcuts: All your shortcuts (Wifi/Location/Settings etc) are available on swiping right

We also support functionality that most other lockscreens are unable to support:
- Support for fingerprint sensor on your lockscreen
- Directly bring up keypad/pattern on swiping up: Most other lockscreens require you to swipe twice to unlock your phone.

Feel free to contact us at for any feedback, ideas or just to say hello!
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