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 Goku Fighting: Supersonic Dragon Z 1.1


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The character lineup includes 13 playable fighters. Most are obvious choices, like Goku, Gohan, Frieza, and Trunks, but there are a few surprises too, such as Dr. Gero, Majin Buu, and Gotenks.
Roughly half of the characters are available in their super and Saiyan forms as well. There are six modes in all.
- Unique Graphic Style and UI
- Cool Effect with super skills
- Many Saiyan characters
- Save & Load
- More than 60 designer battles and power levels
- KI Blast
[Game Mode]
Every time you win a match in the story, z-battle, or challenge modes, you earn some points. These points can be spent later on in the options menu to unlock bonus features, such as those extra character forms and additional story mode scenarios.
The combat system involves some button mashing, but it's handled in a controlled way.
The A and B buttons are used to perform strong and weak attacks. They're also used for blocking. There's a short window of opportunity to block right after an attack is made. Otherwise, pushing one of the buttons will make your character perform an attack.
- Z Battle Gate: progresses similar to the story modes in previous games.
- Ultimate Battle: This new mode pits whichever fighter the player chooses against 100 characters.
- World Tournament: the player can enter a world tournament and try to win their way to the top.
Goku Fighting: Supersonic Dragon Z is the portable fighting game that dragon fans have been wanting for a long time.
The developers managed to strike a balance between the kinds of things that ought to be in any decent fighting game and the kinds of things that fans of the show want to be able to do.
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