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When the first time you see this Gold Death God Keyboard, you will fall into love with our Gold Death God Keyboard.
With his experience of Gold Death God Keyboard, our talented designer created this fabulous Gold Death God Keyboard. You can feel wallpaper, font and button featuring Gold Death God Keyboard elements. All of these design are just for creating a Gold Death God Keyboard look and feel for you!

Besides great appearance, functions of this Gold Death God Keyboard are also quite impressive. However, at the very begin, you had better to make sure that you have already got our APP in your device otherwise, you might unable to enjoy the joy brought by this Gold Death God Keyboard.

Feature 1: Have you ever try to type by your mouth?
I don’ t mean your lips or tongue of course, but listen, this great Gold Death God Keyboard allows you to type only by talk. Your sound will be converted into words displayed in your phone screen!
Feature 2: And we also offer you various fonts here.
Each theme is specially customized with corresponding fonts. Cute theme will be coped with girlish font and dark skull style skin will be dressed up by Gothic letter.
Feature 3: Also, we encourage our designer to use funny sound as typing tone.
But this feature cannot be felt until you download and successively use our theme. By the way, there are lots of interesting sound effect such as cute kitty meowing, puppy barking or even BBQ meat sizzling, you name it.
Feature 4: This Gold Death God Keyboard is more functional than its appealing skin.
We have AI tech and depend on this high technique, we can forecast which word you are going to type. So cool, isn’ t it~!
Feature 5: In order to reduce your typing, this Gold Death God Keyboard allows you to type with only one strike, that is, the swiping typing method, which is super convenient!
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