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 Green QR Code Reader

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- Scans a barcode / QR code quickly
- Supports various types of linear and 2D barcodes
- Opens a browser to search by the scanned barcode number or text
- Detects a barcode / QR code in an image shared from another app
- Flashlight enables scanning even in the dark
- Scan logs are stored and can easily be deleted
- Very simple look and feel
- Safe for your privacy

Why this app is safe to use:

Is your Android device pre-installed with a barcode / QR code reader? Does it keep your privacy safe?

Open the app settings of your device or go to the Play store, and check the permissions required by other similar apps. You will realize that many of ordinary barcode / QR code readers require permissions like:

- Read your Web bookmarks and history
- Find accounts on the device
- Read the contents of your USB storage
- Read your contacts

This means that such apps have free access to private information. Your web browser history, friends info, or personal pics may be sent out secretly. How scary!

Green QR Code Reader was created initially to release its developer himself from such a fear. It only requires the permissions of camera for scanning and network access for ads. It never transfers your personal data.

* QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED for a type of matrix barcode.
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    7. 10. 2017

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