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 Guide for FNaF 1.0


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If you are reading this, then you’re must be new security guard at at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Have you met Freddy and his team yet? I believe you did. Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy are already waiting for you!

Well, you have a reason! Need some help surviving through the night?

Five nights at Freddy’s is that kind of horror games that finds your deepest fears and make you shiver in the night. You won’t be able to sleep, staring into the darkness of the night, trying to see animatronic eyes ? before they see you.

If you are THAT scared of fnaf jumpscare - close this game and go play with rainbows and ponies.

But if you really want to stay all 5 nights at freddy's (or even six or seven of them) then this tips tricks guide guide for fnaf is for you! It will give you the most vital tips for fnaf to go through every night! Your chances to win in this fnaf nightmare grows twice with instructions we’ll give to you!

First rule of any fight: know your enemies. Freddy games are build this way that avery monster has it’s own Artificial Intelligence. This fnaf guide will teach you how to trick it and survive until 6 A.M. every night. You’ll find out who is your biggest treat on the first night or who is the greatest danger on the fifth one. You’ll learn patterns of behavior for each animatronic.

? Each fright night is getting harder than previous. Every animatronic become faster and more aggressive. Yet each of them has it’s own specialties: like Foxy fnaf doesn’t like when you watch at him too often or that you can tell where is Freddy Fazbear by his laugh. ?

So read this guide fnaf carefully, my friend. Each one of fnaf tips in this will significantly increase your chances to stay alive. Yet it can’t guarantee that…

This game is a mix of patterns and random events, so luck sometimes here means more than anything else. Because even if you gonna follow a plan with a bad luck, Freddy still might find you and put you into the suit. Unless you know fnaf cheats. Well, there might not be exactly cheats but more like fnaf cheat mode.

If you are ready and brave enough, then step in this fnaf world, get a fnaf call from a previous worker, use everything we’d give to you in this guide and may the odds be on your side!
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