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The general objective is to create a smartphone game called “H.A.T.C.H” that is able to cultivate mental and physical health through the adventures the users can experience in the game. It will feature a step counter and mentally challenging games as its main components to fulfil the objective of delivering fun while enhancing one’s mental and physical capacities.

• The user interface of the game H.A.T.C.H possesses the dimensions of length and width known as two-dimensional (2D) art.
• The Accelerometer will be used to gather in-game step points by counting the player’s steps in real life. The points will be used to unlock stages to progress through the game.
• The game uses a Progression type of game mechanics. A process in which the game proceeds to advance as different tasks are completed in given stages. In the game, the character will gather points and battle bosses in order to unlock another city within the continent. This will fulfill main quests in every part of the world.
• The game H.A.T.C.H will feature collectible monsters, vividly designed stages, and a fun interactive story.
• Wi-Fi or Data Mobile will only be required when the user will access the leaderboards. The leaderboard will display the ranking system for the performances of all gamers.
• H.A.T.C.H is composed of one saving mode: auto-saving each time the player finish a stage.
• There are two ready-made characters available for the players to choose from.
• For the battle mechanics, the game will have turn-based system with the quizzes as the primary means of defeating the opponent.
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