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hair drawing tutorials

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Assignment: hair drawing tutorials

Take a bunch of pictures of either yourself or someone else and then use them to construct the head using the Loomis method. Focus on getting the up and down tilt correct. Make sure to make careful measurements that I mentioned in this video and keep your lines clean. Remember that every person has individual proportions that will be different from the average loomis head. At this point, just draw the average proportions. Once you’re comfortable with that, you can try to capture the distinct characteristics of the person you’re drawing.

hair drawing tutorials

In this first lesson I’m going to attempt to summarize and simplify Andrew Loomis’ approach to hair drawing tutorials. Here we go. If we take the head and remove the eyes, nose, lips, and ears we are left with 2 simple masses. A ball for the cranium and a boxy shape for the jaw.
Drawing the side plane of the head

When drawing the head, I’ll start with a ball and draw an oval to indicate the flat side plane. The sizes are important here. Make sure the ball is a perfect circle. Don’t be sloppy. The oval is a bit more tricky. The height will always be the same, no matter what angle you’re hair drawing tutorials from. It’s ⅔ of the height of the circle. From the center and top of the circle, divide that area into thirds, and this will give you the top of the oval. Do the same at the bottom.

Then, at the base of the vertical line, draw a curve identical the the brow line. This represents the bottom of the nose. hair drawing tutorials the same line again from the top of the oval brings you to the hairline. The face can be broken down into nearly perfect thirds, chin, nose, brow, and hair. We can use the measurements we’ve already found to find the where the chin should be. Observe the general shape of the jaw and draw in the major angles starting from the brow and ending at the side plane of the head. It’s usually about halfway into the oval, or a little bit farther back.
Now that we have the foundation of the hair drawing tutorials established, we can finish it by putting in all the features! Don’t worry, I’ll explain this step in more detail next time. Each feature deserves it’s own lesson.

hair drawing tutorials and Hands – by Andrew Loomis
This video summarizes this book. The full version is a great resource.
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