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Healthy Dietary Fat Food Guide is a free app to guide you about all types of healthy and unhealthy fat foods from plant & animal sources.

Dietary Fats are important part of our daily diet. They give us energy to work properly and keep our skin and hair healthy. Fats are also required for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A D E and K.
Fats could be healthy and unhealthy too. Choosing among healthy fats has become a big taboo.

Unhealthy or saturated fats are rich in triglycerides, transfats and LDL cholesterol rising risk for heart attack, stroke, and other major health problems. Whereas healthy or unsaturated fats increases blood HDL cholesterol levels thus lowering the risk of heart diseases and helps in gaining beautiful hair and glowing skin too.

Foods that are high in saturated fats are animal products such as butter cheese whole milk ice creams fatty red meats. Some vegetable oils such as coconut palm and palm kernel oil also contain saturated fats.

Eating unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats can help lower your LDL cholesterol. Most plant source oils are rich in unsaturated fats. Unsaturated Fats are of two types:

* Mono-unsaturated fats like olive and canola oil
* Polyunsaturated fats like safflower sunflower corn and soy oil

This app can help you in making good fat food choices. To reduce your intake of cholesterol and saturated fats, limit the amount of animal meats and eggs yolks in your diet. Fish, nuts and beans are healthy fats , protein-rich too.
Instead of using butter canola, olive, sunflower or peanut oil. Choose low-fat milk and dairy products instead of whole-milk products.
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