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 Hidden Spy Camera Detector 1.0


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Staying in some hotel room and worried about hidden spy cameras?? Well no more because hidden spy camera detector detects any hidden spy camera in the room. Hidden cameras and spy cameras can be easily installed in different objects like in lamp, behind the mirror, in a fan that can be used for spying purposes. To get rid of hidden camera and hidden spy camera use hidden spy camera detector. Hidden spy camera detector also detects electronic devices such as smart phone, a motor, fan, TV, AC using the magnetic sensor of your phone. Magnetic sensor of your phone detects the magnetic radiation of electronic devices also known as magnetic flux.

★ Hidden spy camera detector can also be used as electronic devices detector by detection of radiation field or magnetic field of electronic devices. Scanning using hidden spy camera detector is very easy to detects electronic devices such as fan, TV, AC, smart phone etc.

★ Hidden Spy Camera Detector have the ability to detect infrared cameras, infrared spy cameras and infrared devices such as infrared remote and other infrared based electronic devices. For this purpose we used a special filter on the camera to easily detects infrared camera and infrared spy hidden cameras and infrared hidden cameras using hidden spy camera detector.

★ How To Use

To detect hidden spy cameras and find hidden cameras you just need to open Detect Hidden Camera Using Radiation Meter option in your hidden spy camera detector and move your phone near to the suspicious area such as behind the mirror or in electronic lamp and to a quick scan. If the radiations are high enough the radiation meter will show you the figure and will also notify you by starting beeping that there is something detected it might be a hidden spy camera.

Using hidden spy camera detector infrared base devices can also be detected such as infrared camera, infrared Remote, infrared scanner. A special filter is used to detect infrared spy cameras. You can see it as white spot in your camera screen.

★ Requirement

To use hidden spy camera detector you phone should have a magnetic sensor installed. The magnetic sensor detects magnetic fields and magnetic radiations emitted from hidden camera and other electronic devices such TV, AC, Remote. For Scanning hidden cameras magnetic sensor is required.

To detect spy infrared hidden camera you also need to use your cell phone camera. infrared cameras can be easily seen with the help of special camera filter installed in hidden spy camera detector.


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