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 High function Calculator 2.1.1

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This is the definitive version of the calculator!

Abundant setting, fulfilling functions ☆

With 3 independent screens, you can calculate 3 types simultaneously ♪

A lot of necessary functions such as tax rate calculation・constant calculation・GT function・history!

It is a kind design that considers users, such as polite help and detailed explanation by long press.
Although it does not have a memory function, it has become a high-performance calculator than a calculator with a memory function by simultaneous calculation on three screens, invocation of formulas and answers from history, constant calculation and GT function etc.

People who need memory functions, people who do not know memory function well, people who want high-performance calculator, people who want calculators to keep household account books, people who want simple calculators, satisfied with making various people It is getting.

When using for the first time, I recommend you to read 「Help」 from the setting icon on the upper right of the screen!

By all means, please try it once ♪ ♪

[Major features]

◎ The application is light and movement is smooth.

◎ Three kinds of calculations can be done simultaneously on three screens.

◎ Each answer displayed on the three screens can be pasted at the cursor position with a single touch.

◎ Even if you make a mistake, you can erase one character at a time.

◎ It is also possible to erase everything at once.

◎ Tax rate calculation is possible.

◎ Constant calculation is possible.

◎ There is a GT (Grand Total) function.

◎ The history of the calculation result is saved and you can recall the formula or answer at any time.

◎ There is no limit on the number of input digits, and if it exceeds the display range, you can see the whole by swiping left and right there.

◎ You can also calculate powers and factorials, √ and π.

◎ There are abundant settings.

◎You can set custom colors, you can create your own calculator.

◎ When an error such as not being able to calculate occurs, concrete notice is displayed in the center.

◎ The button is large and easy to push.

◎ There are 3 kinds of usage of 「0」 button.
  Just press    ・・・enter 「0」
  Flick to the right ・・・input 「00」
  Flick to the left  ・・・input 「000」

◎ There are various movements by long pressing the buttons and icons.

◎ You can select the number of breaks.
  No break
  Separate each two
  Separate each three
  Separate each four

[update information]

Update information is described in 「Version」 of 「Settings」 in the application.
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