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Wall Stickers is the latest alternative to beautify the look of the wall without having to paint and make the wall becomes damaged.
Pasting wall stickers is easy but takes a little preparation and patience. Here are tips on how to install a good wall sticker:

* First, set the wall to which you stick the wall sticker, then clean the walls, make sure not to have oil and dust attached.

* Second, lift the sticker lift from the backing paper and estimate the size of the field with the wall sticker you want to stick.

* Third, Stick the sticker onto the wall, smooth it with your hand or plastic card to avoid air bubbles.

* Fourth, note if your wall sticker is attached perfectly. If you get bored, you can replace it and paste your wall sticker back on paper to be saved and used again one day,

You can combine some wall sticker motifs to your taste and most importantly aligned, so the results are interesting and unique. Good luck, Happy creating with Wall Sticker!

☀ Application Features
✔ Small Size App
✔ Set Wallpaper with the image collection in the app
✔ Images Can Share and Saved
✔ Quick Performance
✔ zoom in / zoom out
✔ 100+ Idea design
✔ The best picture quality
✔ The best and modern design drawings
✔ Easy and easy to use
✔ Newest ideas for Best 3D Ideas design home wall stickers 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020
✔ Free Apps (offline)

☀ Photo Category
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