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Horse Vpn Over DNS (without root) provides free Internet access via a DNS tunnel, connecting your mobile device to our server farm.

This works on most private networks, such as those with a captive portal, hot spots Wi-Fi (hotels and airports) or using a firewall filtering of Web requests, for example.

Compared to other IP implementations on DNS, you do not need to configure the VPN server: we already have it for you.

It tunnels your data over DNS tunnel which is relatively slow due to the nature of the underlying DNS protocol.
But it should allow you to access lightweight sites without too much trouble.
It gives you full control so that you can set all the necessary parameters to hand and find
with the best settings that give a better speed to your local network.

Although this technology works virtually everywhere, few users implement it, due to the low throughputs it induces. To circumvent this limitation, we directly included in the application:

A web browser in text mode: most web pages are uploaded in less than a minute.

To do this, the mail manager only downloads the text portion of your messages, removes attachments, and other HTML views. Similarly, the browser works in text mode, deleting images, cookies, JavaScript and other CSS. Thus, this will not work with sites for which one of these features is mandatory. In this case, the application allows you to configure TCP port redirection and allows you to access a Web proxy, above the VPN tunnel, for a complete Internet experience: with images, CSS, cookies, SSL, JavaScript, etc. (But be prepared to wait ...).

You can also connect to an SSH server using the port forwarding feature and the low latency of the procole makes this possible.

You must verify that you have permission to use this program via the network to which you are connecting, before attempting to establish a VPN tunnel. You can also use this program to check if your network is protected against DNS tunnels.

For any problem please contact Horse Vpn support:
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