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 Incredible Super Flying Ninja City Rescue Opt 1.0

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Do you love to rescue the citizens of your lovely city who are in dangers? Do you love to fight with problems for your neighbors? Do you want super powers? Do you wanna be super Ninja warrior who fights with Mafia’s of city? Or do you wanna be flying super Ninja to help the people of your city?

Whale Games Studio presents you the most amazing game filled with trilled and adventure and an exclusive blend of US army Super rescue games, flying games, and super power games.

Due to the monsters attacking the USA city people are in hurry to reach the safe point and lots accidents are occurring in the city, Fire caught the sky doomed building people are waiting for near the sea shore. Everyone is calling and shouting for some superhero to help him and drop them to the safest place. As US army is busy in wars and there is an emergency situation in city. So it is the best time for you to to become Incredible Super Duper Flying Ninja to save civilians and your epic powers of flying and super fast running and as powers you want to use.

You are required to fly as much high in the skies as you can to locate the accidental spot with power of super eye and rescue the injured people, because the life of innocent people is very precious for you. As you are the rescuer so be hurry to reach the point because of the heavy transport on asphalt roads of USA ambulances and other institutions stuck in traffic so responsibility is on you. So be responsible for saving the people.
After rescuing the civilians there will be a time come when you will be able to fight with Incredible Monsters who attacked our city. So don’t need to panic in this situation because you are the only hope in the disaster situation of whole city. Plan the strategy, how to save the people and drop them to safest place.

********** Features of Incredible Super Flying Ninja City Rescue Operation**********

 Realistic big 3d environment.
 Flying Super Ninja.
 Super fast running.
 Cool Music.
 HD and 3D Graphics.
 10 different Challenges.
 Smooth Controls and easy Ninja Movements.
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    8. 10. 2017

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