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Islamic Dua-Invocations MP3 Offline : Listen to Islamic Dua (Invocations MP3) from the Sheikh, Ulama, Ustadz and other Qari Quran. Dua in islam means "invocation" and for muslims is an act of supplication, Dua is an arabic word "دُعَاء‎, plural:ʾadʿiyah;". you can use any dua as songs , notification, alarm prayer is a set of ritual moves practiced five times everyday, but quran dua'e on the other side is an islamic way to feel that connected to God at anytime. Dua In Quran, "There must be a reason why Allah puts these duas in the Quran, not the other duas". Collection of dua (Arabic of "prayer") from the Holy Quran. We collect and select them by reviewing the Quran page by page, make sure there is no beautiful dua left. These 51 dua is very good to be your daily zikr.

Duaa if for all believers,humanity, family, friends, strangers, those in critical circumstance.With duaa you can ask god for forgiveness When making the dua it is acceptable Duaas mercy, Muslims call on god frequently any place everywhere dua islam mp3 is not an obligation but if you are Sinful or have haraam income and food you must. "You Alone do we worship and You Alone do we ask for help. (Quran 1:5)" benefits of Dua you call God demanding whatever you needs are as : Duas for success, islamic dua sms, islamic duas for stress, Dua qunoot, Dua for Ramadan of just express your gratefulness to making dua to God. Islamic dua mp3 contains more than 50 Adhkar & Azkar & Dhikr & islamic supplications.
One of the most generous blessings of the month of Ramadan is the opportunity of having Muslim Dua Mp3 (Duaa) which is a matchless application for android that will help you InshAllah to share ideas on listing down not only some awesome duas , but also some informative adhkars for various Islamic celebrations and feasts .

DUA LIST Islamic Dua-Invocations MP3 Offline :
Prophets, Dua
Tawfeeq As-Sayegh Dua
Maher Al-Me'aqli Doa
Saad al Ghamid
Mishary Alafas
Abdulrahman Alsudaes
Duaa Al Afasy
duaa al sabah
duaa al istikhara
duaa al faraj
dua al safar
Dua Qunoot

Features Islamic Dua-Invocations MP3 Offline :
> No 3G or WiFi needed, All Free Ringtones are included.
> Easy to Search/Find any file.
> Set timer to play the Dua as ringtone.
> The possibility of setting any Dua (Hisnul Muslim) as Notification alert or Clock Alarm.
> Fast and effective application on all devices.
> Possibility to put your selected Duaas or Beautiful Islamic dua mp3 in your favorite list.
> Share your selected Dua in Quran via e-mail or Social media.
> The App will stop playing when receiving a phone call, and continue to work on the device at the same time.
> Navigate between files from within the media player automatic transition to the following file.

For this Ramadan 2015/1436’s application, you will go through some of the most important (Duas / Duaa / دعاء) you can make daily, during different parts of your day in a beautiful and touching way.
This application includes diverse types of supplications, Adhkar , Duaa in Arabic too in several situations as :
DUAS in Sujud
Duaa during Last 10 Days of Ramadan.
Dua for protection against fitna of grave
Duaa for your progeny,your husband,parents,siblings and inlaws
Doa for Jannatul firdous al alaa (paradise)
Dua to be free from grudges jealousy,ungratefulness and hatred
Dua e-Qunoot (qunut)
Doa After Salah : after praying
Duaa For iftar : when ending The Fast- Iftaar
Do3a For Sighting the Crescent Moon
Dua for Laila tul Qadr (Laylatul Qadr, Night of Power)
Azkar for ending the quran : khatm ul qurane (Coran)
Adhkar Qiyam al layl (pray qiyam, Tahajjujd) : Praying at Night
Duaa for the End of Ramadan
Du'aa forn istikhara

Not forgetting: the invocations morning and evening
By some famous Imams :Al Sudais, Maher El Maaiqli, Ali Jaber, hani Ar Rifai, Ahmed Al Ajmi, Cheikh Jebril, Mahmood Hedjaz, Ismail Menk, Hamza Tzortzis.

We plan many more in the updates. Stay tune..!
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