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This app is presented in front of you in a very easy language.
In this app, we are being told about the festival of Navratras of Hindus, after the coming of the Hindus, the festival of Navaratri is finally realized what happens.
With Navaratri, Dussehra and Diwali means that the festivals of happiness are going to start. This time Navaratri is starting on September 21 i.e. Thursday. It is believed that when Navaratri is started from this day, the mother comes riding in a dolly or palanquin. In such a situation, mother's riders change according to the day of the insurrection, so the mother's vehicle is different every year. This time the mother is coming to the door. Its fruit is not considered to be good. Mother's vehicle is a lion and when mother comes riding on lion, she brings prosperity and prosperity. Coming in the dolly, it tells that pandemic and diseases can increase this year. \ N The nine-day holy day of Navaratri has started. It is also being seen in the country. In Navratri, celebrated throughout the world millions of people fast for nine or eight days. Worship the mother with full faith and faith. But do not be so fast that you forget your health while fasting. It is therefore important that you take care of your health while fasting. Take a healthy diet and drink continuously.
In this Appendix we are telling you about the festival of Navratras of Hindus, how we celebrate this festival with great fame. If we are keeping a fast of Navratri, how do we worship the mother, what kind of clothes, what kind of clothes, what kind of sweets should be eaten and eat in your fast, how do we please mother? All these things are being told to you in this App. In this App, you are also being told that we mean that those who do not keep their husbands, what should they do in the festival of this new Navaratri, or what not to do? It is being told that friends, you must install this app and share it.
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