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A "Kamidana" (a household Shinto altar) is a shelf used to enshrine the Shinto gods at home, office, etc.

Begin with a greeting and end with a greeting in Japan.
People pray for God to be safe all day in the morning and convey the gratitude at night.

Install the Kamidana in your smartphone,
Let's cherish people around us by dedicating our daily gratitude and prayer.

This application is more than just displaying.

* Set up a Kamidana on the home screen
Various information is displayed on the widget.

* Select the type of Kamidana
You can choose from several temples.
We also offer a simple silhouette version!

* Supplied replacement reminder that can specify time
Information such as reminders will also be displayed, so you will never forget everyday prayers.

* Worship wisdom etc.
Touching the image of the Kamidana, you can display the image you have.

* Phases of the moon
The phases of the moon are closely related to Japanese culture.
You can change the reminder icon displayed in the widget to the month.
The moon abounds at the age of the moon, and a rabbit appears in the moon over twenty-three nights.

* Today's Omikuji(Fortune telling)
today's fortune with Omikuji.
fotune telling will encourage love, work, aspirations, etc.

* Today's Words and Quotes
It will introduce historical greats and famous people's quotes and sayings.
We carefully selected the words that give courage to change our lives.

* Custom message
You can change your offering message.
Please set up a message you would like to ask yourself about in the new morning.

* Votive picture - It will assist in fulfilling your dream.
You can record and display your wishes. When you set the date you want to make your wish come true, the number of remaining days is displayed in the widget.

* Help resolve your troubles
Humanoid will assist you to let go of your troubles, will drain cleanly the written words.

You can also be used as a self-coaching app for sending a better life.
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