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 King Kong Hero Battle 1.0


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King Kong Battle Hero is the best classic adventure game for your Android device and it has gone viral for game enthusiasts. Addictive Jumping game with King Kong Battle Hero world. Run, collect coins, banana, avoid enemies
Run, jump, climb on obstacles and evade from enemies who in every possible way will prevent on your way. You should pass not an easy way, on your way you meet multiple different hindrances, enemies and other circumstances.
You will find yourself playing over and over again. You think running rightwards is your only challenge…? Wrong! You will need to move right, move left, climb and jump to maneuver thru numerous crazy and original obstacles waiting for you to stumble on them in these diverse adventure quest worlds… break rocks and blocks to discover coins, bananas and other fruit treasures. The last level is definitely a hard one.
In this Fight Adventure King Kong Battle Hero game you have to finish level by level to move to another world . The higher the level which is more interesting and challenging, the more obstacles and enemies you have to face. And at every level there are enemy bosses you have to beat. You will be the monkey king..
Making the way through a wilds of the jungle, through the hot desert, through the dark and gloomy underground world and swimming with predators of the underwater jungle - you should arrive to the your home. On the way, you will meet many enemies who treats you absolutely disaffectedly. Also, don't forget to gather fruit and other gifts on the way. All this to you will help to reach to the purpose and to protect your name “King Kong Hero ".
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    6. 11. 2017

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