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Along with the development of culture and technology, the shape of the kitchen also changed. Modern kitchen planning today follows the principle of a triangle stating that the three main functions of the kitchen are storage (such as refrigerator), preparation, and cooking. This principle emphasizes that between the three functions, not obstructing each other but also the distance of the three is not too far away.

Some commonly implemented kitchen shapes include:

All of the above functions are placed on one wall so that the principle of this triangle becomes in line (sedinding). This form is less effective but more space saving.
Another form of the above function is the kitchen arranged on two opposite walls.
The shape of the L kitchen, where kitchen utensils are placed on 2 intersecting walls (at the corners).
U shape kitchen, which occupies 3 walls.

Sometimes, the kitchen also has a place that serves as a dining room as well.
Cooking utensils are tools used when processing raw materials from raw materials until they are cooked, or tools used to process foodstuffs and they are not used over the stove.

The cookware is the tools used for measak ingredients that have been prepared or tools used on the stove.

Cooking equipment is a tool used to process a material to become a finished material and ready for use or consumed.

۞ Type of cooking utensils or kitchen utensils:
۩ Kitchen Utensils
۩ Kitchen Equipment

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