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What is Kronos?
Kronos is a software dedicated to perform calculations in both traffic and pedestrians.

Can I do with the application?
Kronos allows the user to know, in real time, the risk that can run when traveling through a certain area.

-What stage of development is the application?
The application is in the beta prototype phase.

- Can I use the application despite not being completely finished?
The application currently has a basic functionality and needs to collect data from different areas, with many users. Downloading the application in beta phase, is collaborating with a process of development of the same and the publication of statistics that does not exist at present, and can help to take better measures of security. Your identity and individual information will be preserved that is not kept identified.

Do I have to register to use the application?
Yes, the application requires a brief registration.

-You've already registered me. What do I do now?
After that you can complete your user profile and indicate if you are traveling on foot, by bicycle or a motorized vehicle.

- My personal data / locations are monitored or shared?
No, both the personal information and the location data are used by the software to generate patterns, these themselves generate human interaction.

- Does the application constantly monitor my movements?
You can decide when to start and stop the application using the Start / Stop button in the main menu.
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