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Hundreds of Male Hairstyles or Latest Hairstyles For Men - As we know there are many different styles of hairstyles. To help you find it, the App is available on the list of the latest coolest hairstyle models 2017 for men. If you are interested in one hairstyle, be sure to remember his name or if not, just save the picture and show it to your subscription barber.

1. Pompadour Hair Style Model
Pompadour hair model is a hairstyle that has a thin hair section of the lower side and high on the top.

2. Quiff Hair Style Model
actually almost the same as the pompadour model, The difference is if the hair pompadour hair combing hair model to the back while the quiff hair model directs it forward

3. Model Hair Style Undercut
Many people mistakenly describe the undercut hair model, there is a similarity between pompadour, quiff, and undercut, the difference is that if quiff and pompadour there is hair degradation from the nape and increasingly thickened on the top of the hair while the Model Undercut no degradation whether it's bald hair shaved, 1 cm and 2 cm most important is to have the same length without fading degradation

4. Top-Knot Hair Style Model
Clearly visible, the top knot hair man model has a characterized hair tied upwards. In this type of daily life can be suitable for long hairstyle male and short haircut model side.

5. Spiky Hair Style Model
Spiky hair is using hard hair type oil so that the hair does not waver exposed to the wind. Spiky hair is a haircut that women like because it looks cool, short hair made stance also impresses as if the user is a person who likes to clean.

6. Mohawk Hair Style Model
Surely you are very familiar with the model hair style mohawk, yap really! this hairstyle is very synonymous with punk children

7. Fringe Hair Style Model
Maybe you are not so familiar with the name of fringe hairstyle, but what about bangs or bangs? True, Fringe is a cool term from hair bangs. Almost all Korean men's hair models use this type of model, Lee min ho is the only one.

8. Slicked Back Hair Style Model
The slicked back hairstyle or the finest hair of choice for a formal occasion. Generally this model combined with undercut model into a hairstyle model undercut slick back but not only limited to it, you can also combine it with quiff and pompadour.
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