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To attract a human figure well, you need to have a good knowledge of human anatomy. Yet many artists today still hold to the myth that a good picture does not involve learning anatomy. Perhaps the reason so many artists feel this way is because they never see firsthand what a big difference a small anatomist can make on their sketch.

In this article, I want to give you some important yet fast things about the human body and how it relates to your image.

From all aspects of human anatomy, the muscle will definitely have the greatest impact on the appearance of your image, as on its surface. One thing to remember about muscles is that they are always interesting; Every move you make is a direct result of one or more muscles that contract and pull your bones. What this means is that when your portrait image engages in dynamic action, you should pay attention to the muscles involved and describe it appropriately.

For example, if you are drawing a boxer who throws the right hook, you should ask yourself, "Which muscle is interesting to do?" Then you will pull the muscles as it stretches the body. In this case, the flexing muscle will become the main pectoralis, deltoid, and biceps, to name a few. In most cases, certain movements will involve many muscle groups and the more muscle you can paint, the more convincing your picture. Without this, your image will look static and lifeless.

Your ability to recognize and attract these muscles will increase as your knowledge of anatomy increases. As a beginner, you may only be able to attract large muscles such as biceps or shoulders, but as you progress in your anatomy study you will be able to add finer detail like supinator longus and anconeus. This will give your image an extra dimension of realism.

Only light knowledge about anatomy can create miracles for your image. For example, there are many muscles in the neck but there is one particular muscle that is noticed by the artist. This is sternokleidomastoid. It is connected behind the ear and attached to the collar bone. This muscle is very prominent and can be seen in almost everyone. Simply by adding this one muscle to your neck image, you can instantly make it ten times more realistic. This should show you how a useful human anatomy is to draw a picture artist.

hopefully useful for our attention we thank you.
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