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The inventor of Lego bricks was Ole Kirk Christiansen, born in Filsgave village near Billund in Denmark in 1891. He has a superb carpenter skills, a young man keen on the production of a variety of small toys, his small aircraft, cars, animals vivid, lifelike. Although he does not know business, toys often sell off, but this did not make him give up his hobby. Later, he designed spell plug toy "about" finally all the rage. In 1934, he designed the "Lego" trademark for his building blocks toys.
Ole Kirk Christiansen, the founder, held a solicitation of names within the company for his small toy factory and the wooden toys he produced, and his final proposal was his proposal, which was not legally registered in Denmark until 1954 . The development of "LEGO" is accompanied by a continuous rise in the size and reputation of the company
High Company was founded in a small Danish town - Billund (Billund). Born in 1891, his founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen, is a great carpenter with his own wooden processing plant. He is a loyal, resolute, optimistic and humorous personality, positive and progressive, which enabled him to successfully weather the crisis in the economic crisis of Europe in the 1930s.
1932 was a difficult and unforgettable one for Mr. Christianson. The Great Depression hit Pitlten, Denmark, where all craftsmen could not get the order, and his wooden factory fired the last worker. That same year, he lost his wife, only he and four children each other, the youngest child 6 years old, the oldest child 15 years old. He began to understand that life is not only a wonderful gift, but also a hard work. But he still has a passion for life in his career, brave to try new opportunities and new technologies. He accepted the advice of the Industrial Association, started to produce household products, made a decisive change - the positioning of his wooden factory products in toys. His decision was opposed by family and friends, and most people did not recognize the importance of children's toys. However, Mr. Christianson believes that toys are always the most important partners of a child, and no child can have no toys at any time. It turned out that his decision was correct and in just a few short years the woodworking plant had the foundation to become an international toy company.
Wooden LEGO
Mr. Christianson began to apply his fine wooden craft and artistry to wooden toys. He hung a wooden sign in the factory, engraved with his motto: "Only the best is good enough." This maxim remains the first rule of LEGO until today.
In 1934 he started to take a name for his company and product. He started a match between his family and his employees, who took the name eventually adopted will be his family made a bottle of red wine. Finally, he gave his name to the company: LEGO (Lego). It comes from the Danish "Leg-Godt," which means "play well," and then he learns that the name means "split" in Latin. 1954 this name is registered as a trademark.
On April 9, 1940, Denmark was occupied by the Germans and the war brought LEGO opportunities for development. First, the government banned the import of toys. Second, the government banned the use of metal and rubber in toys. This is undoubtedly a great push for wooden toys. From 1940 to 1942, LEGO production doubled.
In 1942, a fire nearly destroyed the Lego factory. Mr. Christianson is almost ready to give up his career. His strong sense of responsibility to his children and employees got him strong. With the help of his family and employees, the LEGO plant miraculously rebuilt on the rubble.
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