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This app is developed to help people find their exact locations and locate each other in real life. Gearior has seen the following situations such as:

1. In crowded events such as concerts or soccer games, people want to locate friends or relatives.

2. In big areas (such as DisneyLand, or Los Angeles airport, or Chinese stations in Chinese New Year), people want to locate friends or to pickup at airports.

3. On road, when a group of travellers are driving to a resort or a camp site, sometimes they want to find out where others are and how far from them.

4. In the situation of kidnapping, the victim tries to find the location he/she is being held hostage to send to friends or Police for help.

5. People are heading to a meeting, but they cannot locate the meeting destination.

6. When travelling to new places, people might need to pin the specific spots to go back (so they will not get lost).

7. People run away from hurricanes or major catastrophes. They want relatives to know exact locations they are at.

8. In the earthquake, the victims want to send location where they are covered to Rescue Service Teams.

9. In case a family member leaves the house without notice, the parents want that person find a way home.

Gearior, therefore, developed this app to help people send their exact locations to anyone. This will help people meet in real life. LiveConnectMe allows people to send locations locally and globally, from a country to other countries. Thanks to GoogleMap, LiveConnectMe can show shortest directions between two friends in the map.

LiveConnectMe uses radar to scan friends or relatives that sent locations to phone owner. Specific radar range can be set for users convenience.

This LiveConnectMe app can be used in Android and iOS systems. The app works with Android phone devices, iPhones, iPads, and Tablets.

In case of no WIFI detected, LiveConnectMe app automatically detects the conditions to work with and without WIFI. LiveConnectMe users can also send their locations to non-LiveConnectMe-users where phone signals are present.

1. You must press "SEND" to send locations. This app will not automatically send your locations to others.
2. Your friends CANNOT automatically find out your locations without your consent.
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