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Smile, wide!

Young, middle-aged, and older individuals studied thousands of photographs and were asked to guess the age of models with various facial expressions. Neutral expressions yielded the most accurate results, and fearful expressions made subjects look older; happy faces were rated as younger than they really were.

Eat more grapes.

Sorbitol, which gives grapes, berries, plums and pears their sweetness, is a humectant, a substance that attracts water when applied to the skin, helping it absorb and retain moisture.

Touch up your hair.

Use volumizing styling products as your hair becomes thinner, and try a lighter color, which can make thinning less obvious. Whether you have your hair washed at home or at a salon, use deep conditioning treatments regularly to combat dryness.

Frame your face.

Keeping your eyebrows well-groomed and shaped helps provide a frame for your face and draws attention to your eyes.

Cleanse and moisturize your skin.

Cleaning and moisturizing helps protect skin and keep it healthy; but banish regular soap, which can be drying for older skin. Instead, use a cleanser that gently washes without stripping skin of moisture. Avoid skin toners, especially those with a stringent or alcohol base. Use a good moisturizer day and night.

Dress sharp.

If you have a wrinkly neck or jowls, avoid tight-fitting or crew-neck tops, which squeeze skin upward. A shirt collar over a round-necked jersey is a better option. Wear dark-colored shirts if you have a large belly.

Give yourself a hand—or two.

Use a good hand cream frequently, and look for one that has sunscreen included. Brighten dull hands by exfoliating regularly: mix sea salt with lemon juice and gently scrub into your hands with a soft toothbrush.

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Choose a gentle facial cleanser. Aging skin doesn't need harsh products like the ones teenagers often need to use, as there isn't usually any excess oil. If your cleanser is too harsh, it will be stripping your skin of its natural oils, and therefore drying out the skin and causing it to age more quickly. Look for ones that are aimed at your age group, or ones that describe themselves as gentle or moisturizing. Women should moisturize their faces any time before they wear make-up.

It is still important to cleanse your face as you get older, as it removes traces of chemicals from your environment or any make up which can cause aging if left on the skin.

Moisturize after cleansing. It's important to give your skin a moisture boost so that it can look after itself. Dry skin ages more quickly if it's not moisturized. Look for anti-aging moisturizers with a high percentage of their active ingredient. If in doubt about which to buy (there are hundreds on the market), try looking at reviews or try to find scientific research supporting the product. Make sure that the product you decide on is rich and deeply moisturizing, unlike the ones you may have used in your younger years.

And remember, moisturizing is not just for women, there are plenty of similar products on the market aimed at men.
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