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Otome Dating Game "Lotte's Forest ~ The Tale of Love ~"

◆ Story
This is a love story between a girl and unearthly creatures..

This is a story from a long time ago.
Once upon a time, there was a girl name Mel.

She loved books, and one night
she came across an extraordinary book, completely covered in black ink.
She took the books in her hands, and was forced to face unfathomable consequences--

The girl was about to close the strange book, when
a dazzling light came flowing out of it.

The girl closed her eyes, and when she opened them again
she found herself in an unfamiliar place

There she met a young man, a cat and a beast.
They all called her "Princess", but who were they?

Lost in that dark book's world,
will the girl be able to find
the true end?

◆ Character Introduction
The Frog Prince: Licht

"I will protect you with all my might"

King of the White Forest.
Smart and gentle young man who is like gentle waters.
A wise king who is impeccable but turns into a frog when distracted.
While fulfilling the duties of a King,
his dream is to spend a quiet life together with Mel.

Puss in Boots: Orkan

"Well well! Ladies who admire me give me inspiration"

Cat knight who travels through the forest with the princess.
Holds pride as a knight.
A boss of his Shoes Firm and loves to make money.
Hot-blooded, always pushes forward while dragging others with him.
He hates being called "furball"or to be petted,
he likes to be held in Mel's arms.

Beauty and the Beast: Schwarz

"Love me. That's the only way I can help you flee this place"

King of the Black Forest.
He's been called the Dark Lord and considered the Evil
who should be defeated in this world.
After having a second chance to meet
the "Princess" who once loved him,
he decides to imprison Mel to prevent her from escaping.

Wizard: Ubel

"Mel... You'll see that this story isn't at the perfect state…yet"

He appeared in front of Mel all of a sudden.
Has uncanny laughs.
In this world, he is considered to be an evil wizard
but his true identity is a mystery.

◆ How to Play & Game Features
・ Read through the story and aim for the perfect ending between you and your unearthly boyfriend.
This is a love adventure game for girls.

・ Use story tickets to read through this romantic story.
You can receive up to 5 free tickets every day.

・ Dress up your "Doll" avatar.
There are more than 200 pieces of clothing that you can use to make your avatar super unique.

・ The story changes according to your decisions. Make the right choices and see your boyfriend's affection increase.
Enjoy 3 different endings according to your affection level.
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