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 Mafia Crime City Fighter - Gangster Survival 1.2


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The commando shooter is back in town for the survival of this beautiful city. Grand city is piled up with mafia gangsters and criminal escape prisoners. The armed forces have taken over the area to raise crime city fight. Survival rescue against the dangerous mafia gangsters and legend warriors of underworld. Criminal Russian mafia cartel are dangerous terrorist escaped from hard time prisoners. As an elite fighter of commando your duty is to rescue innocent citizens of grand city. Payback these mafia crime city Russian gangsters and brawl against the most wanted criminals. This impossible mafia crime city fighter is an ultimate survivor in this amazing grand survival criminal action thriller.

You have been assigned a high level secret mission. This involves sniper shooting and assassination of terrorist mafia group. Rescue citizens and fellow agents captured by captured by underworld mafia. As professional trained fighter and spy, execute dangerous operations inside the grand city. Perform hero survival missions. Take down terrorist enemy sniper and armed gangsters with assault shooting. Spy and assassinate and play key role to serve your country like a real hero fighter. Sneak inside the gangland as spy agent. Breach enemy hard time and steal sensitive information. Mafia Godfather is planning an assassination mission for high profile persons, engage your survival mission to save them. As a specialist crime city fighter and sniper shooter mix in public for stealth operation of grand city. Use your Sniper shooting skills to assassinate the gangsters & thugs.

You are a top rated high level trained secret mafia crime city fighter and survival hero. Just get started using your elite sneaky skills to win the war against crime. Enjoy one of the best survival criminal crime city game. Complete various tasks and engage extreme crime city fight. Perform operation for survival of grand city against evil mafia survival criminals. Use deadly arms and weapons. Create panic and chaos inside mafia gangs. Crime City Mafia is engaged in robbery, extortion and gang brawl. Engage war against terror, gather your team of armed forces, mark checkpoints.

Become hero and face the crime city mafia armed forces, let them know you are a true army commando hero survival mission. Climb the rooftop and mark Russian mafia cartel thugs. Survive the city battlefield and complete FPS survival fighter games mission. Deploy the critical squad force shooting hero mission and assassin mafia rival fight. The Russian terrorists occupied the grand city. Accept the mission of the army warrior blood. Destroy terrorists, attack enemy base around the grand crime city.

Trained at the US army school you have to show your professional fighter skills. Eliminate super-villains in this ultimate Mafia Crime City Fighter-Gangster Survival Criminal. The greedy Russian mafia cartel and Godfather has given a brawl against his most dangerous line-up of crime master villains. Survival fighter, save people from these evil killer shadows in ultimate combat. Capture most wanted criminals of grand city. Show your fighter agility power on your enemy heads.

Mafia Crime City Fighter Gangster Survival Criminal 3D Features:

• Amazing 3D City Environment.
• Challenging Survival / Rescue Missions.
• Climb, Walk, Run and Fly in the air.
• Real life sound effects
• Addictive game play
• Engaging rescue missions
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