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Mahjong: titan kitty - is a colorful and pleasant mahjong, which will allow you to quickly pass the time enjoying the soothing melodies, perfectly fits the atmosphere of the game.
The game has many different beautiful cards that do not let you get bored. Of these, we built the most interesting and original shapes, each of which is passed with pleasure and incredible emotions.

In addition to the atmosphere of the classic mahjong available 3 bonus and the time scale with stars and awards.

3 bonuses - freezing time, mix cards, finding affordable move.
These bonuses you activate for coins that get behind the moves and timely passage of levels.
Also, we note that Mahjong: titan kitty is free and in-game advertising you see very rarely.


- Relaxing, quiet music
- Helpful bonuses
- Timeline and prizes
- Beautiful card with cats
- Mahjong: titan kitty is free

The game will be nice for both children and adults. After all, in fact it is a universal mahjong game genre, which like all. For those who do not know what the mahjong, this type of solitaire, one of the oldest games in the world, appeared in the homeland of silk and paper, gradually spread all over the world.

In Mahjong player's task is to disassemble the pyramid, collected from the chips, removing each time two plates with the same images which are not covered by other chips. Full set of boards to play classic mahjong is 144 chips are classified into seven genera.
The first three types of Mahjong chips: bamboo, mugs and Chinese plates each contain 36 tablets, nine pieces with numbers from 1 to 9. 16 tablets wind. In four of them for each of the cardinal points (north, south, west, east).
Mahjong Dragons (moons) occupy 12 colored plates, each color of the four pieces. Three suits - three colors, each having its meaning: green happiness, red middle, white board - 'Dummy'.
The last eight plates are image colors (Huar) and fruits (of) every kind of four pieces.
In addition, plates of chips in the kit includes two standard mahjong dice (regular cubes with a set of points on the faces from one to six).

Mahjong: titan kitty is a simplified version of classic Mahjong with its own set of colorful plates where the player feel self more relaxed when playing mahjong.

So, how after reading the game Mahjong set structure you probably already realized that mahjong game for diligent, thoughtful, cool people with good long-term memory. Chinese dominoes full of surprises, unexpected combinations and a variety of conditions, derogations and exceptions to make it even more interesting and exciting Mahjong.

In this wonderful game has many names: it is also called "mahjong" or "madzyan" in Russian and Mah Jong, Majong and Top Mahjong in English. In Mahjong: Titanium cat will also need to find pairs of identical tiles.

We wish you to enjoy the wonderful mahjong!
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