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 Make your own "lottery" 1.1.0

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Easily create handmade "lottery" by yourself!
문의 사항 이나 버그 compounds 시 연락 바랍니다.

It is hard for you to make lottery with paper. Can you make lottery easily? And to those who have trouble.
Create lottery with intuitive operability in 10 seconds!
Speedy, fair, original lottery.

★ ☆ recommend using this ☆ ★
※ It is registered in the sample from the beginning!
· Title on Yamanote Line
· Seating for drinking party
· Omikuji
· Purchased number of Lot 6
· Today's maxim
· Order of the King game

★ ☆ It is different from the others! What? Features of the application ☆ ★
- Numbers, letters, etc. can be filled in any content
· Lots can be created indefinitely
· Once made, permanent storage
· Lottery draw animation with no boredom
· No need for extra authority. It can be used safely.
※ The lottery you created is stored only in your cell phone.

★ ☆ How to make lottery ☆ ★
① Create a lottery box
From the + in the upper right, create a box to contain the lot.

② Create lottery
Select the lottery box and move to the lottery list.
Create lottery from + in the upper right.

③ Change lot number
You can change the number of lots from the up and down buttons on the right side of the lot.

④ draw lottery
Click the "lottery start" button at the bottom of the lottery list.
Click on the rattle illustration, you can draw lottery.

★ ☆ Frequently Asked Questions ☆ ★
· I can not make lottery.
Will sample draws be displayed after the first startup? If the sample is not displayed, there is a possibility that the capacity for saving the lottery is not left in the smartphone.

· Characters are hidden beneath lot drawing illustrations.
If the number of lottery characters is large, characters may be hidden under illustration without filling in the display part. Sorry to trouble you, please try again after reducing the number of letters of the lottery.
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