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Warning! Do not use this app to scare the elderly or people with heart disease! It stimulates a feeling of terror and fear.

"Mariam Ringtones" is an application without the Internet with a harmonious palette of scary sound effects that can be used as a joke, and ringing and alarm or alarms.

If you like horror movies, games, sci-fi books and other types of horror, Mariam Ringtones is an ideal app for you. These Mariam Ringtones freeze the spine, can also bring you a strange and scary atmosphere and make you feel like you're surrounded by monsters, vampires, demons and other villains. As such, Mariam Ringtones are ideal for scare neighbours and people around you.
a Mariam ringtones palette

There are a total of 25 Mariam Ringtones sounds horrible, bad laugh, the roar of thunder, screaming, and the horror of the atmosphere, the beast, open the door, and more.

Interesting features:

 Virtual ringtone / ringtone / alarm ringtone / alarm clock


  - 1 Setting the warning tone does not affect existing alarms, only those that you create. you can also delete the alert.
 -2 To set the ringtone: Click on the home screen> choose Mariam Ringtones from the menu> choose Mariam Ringtones

Usage tips:
  - Do not use these sounds in class and at work.
  -Do not use it for any harm to someone's health -.
  - Use this app to ridicule with your friends.

be creative with the use of Mariam's Ringtones app, leave us your opinions in the comments.

The reminder of the law:
Terrifying audio clips and sound effects used in the application of Mariam's scary tones under public license / or public projects without license information. A small fraction of the sounds used to come from sources without license information. If you are the original author of the sounds used in Mariam's Ringtones application, and you want to delete them for any reason, please contact us and we will make the changes as soon as possible.
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