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Simple notes of material science & metallurgy for mechanical engineering.It almost cover important topics chapter wise

Chapter 1 Crystal Atoms of Solid

1. Structure of atom binding in solids metallic
2. Vander walls
3. ionic and covalent
4. Space lattice and crystal system arrangement of atoms in BCC
5. crystal system arrangement of atoms in FCC
6. Manufacture of Refractory
7. Properties uses and selection of acid
8. basic and natural refractory
9. metallurgical coke
10. metallurgical coke properties and uses
11. brief description of the manufacturing processes for iron and steel making

Chapter 2 Plastic deformation of Metals

1. Point and line defects in crystals
2. stress strain curves of crystalline materials
3. mild steel cast iron
4. brass yield point phenomenon
5. Cold and hot working of metals
6. annealing of cold worked metals
7. fracture in metal and alloys
8. ductile and brittle fracture
9. fatigue failure

Chapter 3 Alloy Formation and Binary Diagram

1. Phase in metal system solution
2. inter-metallic compounds
3. solidification of pure metals
4. alloy equilibrium diagrams of isomorphous
5. eutectic peritectic and eutectoid system
6. non-equilibrium cooling
7. coring iron
8. Iron-Iron Carbide Phase Diagram

Chapter 4 Heat Treatment of Alloys Principles of Heat Treatment of Steel

1. TTT curves heat treating processes
2. normalizing
3. annealing spheroldizing
4. tempering
5. case hardening
6. austempering
7. mar-tempering
8. Cu Alloys

Chapter 5 Properties of Material

Creep Fatigue
Introduction to cast iron
Introduction to steel
Non Ferrous metals base alloys
Duralumin Metal
Various types of plastics
different types of plastics and properties
Plastic molding technology
GRP resins adhesive
elastomers and their application
Property and Applications of Powder Metallurgy
powder Metallurgy techniques
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