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 Metal Detector(metal finder) 1.0


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Metal Detector is a sniffer metal, gold and scanner of metal. Metal Detector is a an amazing and real app to find your lasted coins, any metal and gold or any car key or house keys through this metal detector. This app is working as a sniffer and also a scanner every time in your pock through this you can find any metal anywhere any time through metal finder. Metal detector finder detect archaeological findings through this simulation metal jammer. This metal finder finds your office keys, car simulation keys and also you can detect your truck simulation key through this simulation app.
Metal finder have a magnetic power to find and detect any metal through this metal magnetic finder. Through the android apps you have any time finder metal or any surgical instruments through the simulator app. Magnetic finder have also a feature to find the gold and also detect the hot metal and it helps to detect the minerals and mines.
Metal Sensor allows to recognize any metal thing in range, because all metals produce magnetic field which strength that can be measured with the metal detector finder. You can use this app like simulator app to find any metal the graph shows you the area where the metal and your devise back flash lite blink. When you find your metal or coin or any surgical instrument and also your car keys or truck keys or any kind of gold material the vibrator of your mobile turns on and vibrate and flash back strobe light also blink and make sure you that you are near to your metal that you are trying to find through this metal finder simulation app.
Metal scanner simulation app is perfectly works to detect your any kind of metal in the area. The metal simulator app have many features to find the anything that have connect or relates with metal. Metal detector finder shows the photo editor graph to find your metal through graph. Metal data scan your desired metal through sketch photographic graph to show the metal location through this simulation app. Metal detector finder graph show the location of the metal in the metal detector club app. the usage of metal detector for finding the metal treasure hunting through the metal detector prank simulator app through the metal club finder app. Metalapps are the most common to find the metal through the detecting electromagnetic finder through the apps and finds the metalapps through metal finder.
use your mobile as a security machine.
Easy to use metal detector app
Finds the pernicious metal and there magnate field strength .
Metal detector finder vibrates on finding the metal near to you.
Graph shows the direction and location through photo graphic image.
Metal finder coins finder, and find keys and many more.

strength of the detection depends on the sensor used in your mobile.
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