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 Metal Infinite 5.0.20


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Perhaps he was defeated in some time and space
But here may rewrite everything, legend of the strongest bounty hunter!
The unfinished story
How will it begin and how it ends?...

Metal Max Indie game
Story line: when Nina met with Red Wolf.

The legend of "destruction", people survived in this deserted world linger after.
However, a variety of monster rampant in the world, the human civilization on the verge of collapse. Bounty hunters exist in this particular world as a profession for collecting bounty through hunting monsters.

Driving this car let all monsters fear blood red chariot, Red hair hunter will be Leave behind adventure stories

1, STG shooting, fighting need a little walk operation.
2, super wide map, have not seen the big Gan Q.
3, explore the map free, no temporary task, only the main.
4, fight various types of bounty heads, giant mutant creatures, mechanical monsters, out of control AI machines, AI armored tanks, etc..
5, bury a large number of gold coins and props, share its location, no need for krypton, direct old drivers.
6, man and chariot dual warfare system.
7, password equipment, password has been announced, please search online, or NPC inside the game disclosed.
8, the game is automatically archived per second.
9, the game updates slowly, lifetime series, this is a long-term update and perfect game, and accompanied by a variety of BUG, as a small game to play, not too serious.. the writer is in the name of art, red powder, amateur to do for half a year. The demo day was the letter Australia blasting machine_(:3」∠)_
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