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The First Rule of the Club - Read the Description!

Mod Minecraft-Story 2 for MCPE is basically a point-and-click adventure game which is based on Minecraft but with a more in-depth story. All episodes have been released and by watching them you’re introduced to a whole bunch of new characters. This mod implements some of those characters in Minecraft. Gauntlets, which are new armor items, were also added in the most recent addon update.

A gauntlet is a type of glove which gives the wearer special powers when worn. You wear it simply by equipping it in your main-hand.
Gauntlet Types & Information

Prismarine Gauntlet
Doubles health for player
Increase attack damage and player speed
Dropped by The Prismarine Colossus
Red Gauntlet
Sets player health to 50
Doubles player speed
Increases attack damage from 1 to 5 for melee attacks
Dropped by the Romer (The Admin)
Golden Gauntlet
Adds 15 health to player health
Slight increase of the movement speed (increased by 0.01)
Attack damage increased to 100 for melee attakcs
You can only access this item via the creative inventory or by using commands
Crystal Gauntlet (Doesn’t exist in Minecraft Storymode Season 2, but something had to be done with the item as it uses the Wither Skeleton Skull model)
OP Gauntlet
Health increased to 120
Speed increased by 0.35
Attack damage: 500
You can only access this item via the creative inventory or by using commands

New Mobs
The Addon (replaces Zombie Villagers): A huge mob with animated textures. It’s weaker than the normal Colossus but inflicts the same amount of attack damage. It also has the ability to call for his Prismarine Foes minions.
Creeder (replaces Spiders): Similar to ordinary spiders in that sense that they can climb walls. However, one additional feature is their special attack which allows them to jump on top of your head and explode. They have twice as much health than a normal creeper.
Large Henry and Big Hank (replaces the Wither Skeleton and Stray): These are two different mobs. Their models look about the same but they have slightly different textures. Both of them are naturally hostile and cause a nausea effect on their targets.
Ice Iron Golem (replaces Iron Golems): The Ice Iron Golem throw snowballs at their enemies and they are also immune against snowballs themselves.
Romeo (replaces Skeleton): Romeo will constantly fly around and shoot fireballs at his targets. He also has the ability to summon the Prismarine Colussus, the 3 Headed Ghast or the Snow Admin.

A good challenge is to try to kill him without the use of a fully enchanted diamond armor. It’s definitely going to be hard!

If you do manage to kill him then he will drop the Primarine Gauntlet. This is a wearable item which will give you some extra health and strength when wearing it.
Snow Admin (replaces Snow Golems): This mob is hostile but not very dangerous.
Prismarine Colussus (replaces Zombie): This is the giant version of Romeo.

Magma Golem (replaces Mooshroom): It’s very strong and immune to fire. If it hits you then you’ll get a blindness effect for a certain amount of time.
And Much more in app!

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Features :
* Completely Free!
* Collector's Edition MCPE!
* All Id's and Manual Inside!
* Fast download from anywhere in the world!
* Quick help and support
* New Collection 2018
* Only the best Mods, Maps and Addons
* Best Optimization for All Devices

The Third Rule of the Club - Download, Install, Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
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