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 Mod Village Guards Pro for MCPE 1.0


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Welcome to the Epic Club!
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Villages have for too long been victims to vicious attacks by zombies and other monsters of the underworld. This addon implements archers and swordsmen who will loyally guard the townsfolk and fend off possible intruders. And if you don’t think that there are enough of them you can always train villagers to join the force!

How does it work?
A villager guard is a new type of mob which can be found spawning in villages. You can also use a wither skeleton spawn egg since it replaces that mob.
There are archers (35% spawn rate) and swordsmen (65% spawn rate). All guards wear a chainmail vest and an iron helmet. They are also equipped with a bow or a sword depending on their class.
Guards spend most of their time patrolling the village looking for possible threats to eliminate. This includes monsters or anything else which want to cause harm to the villagers.
It’s mainly during nighttime that the guards show their usefulness. Monsters will continuously try to break into the homes of the villagers but as long there are guards around none of that is going to happen.
You can train ordinary villagers to become guards.
You can swap the guard’s weapon by giving him a new one. Currently it’s just the bow and iron sword which are supported.

Use an anvil to rename a name tag item. Then use the name tag on a guard to rename him or her.
Give a village guard an empty glass bottle and it will turn into a healer. Walk up to a healer if you are injured to top up your health. Healers are passive and unarmed so make sure to keep an extra eye out for them and keep them guarded during the night.
You can give a blaze rod to a villager guard to turn him into a wizard. Wizards have the ability to throw fireballs at their enemies. Make sure to keep them far away from trees, grass or anything which he might accidentally set on fire.

Guard Villager Features:
Wither skeletons replaced by village guards
Armor/weapons: iron sword/bow, chain mail vest, iron helmet
They can open and close doors
Automatically fights nearby monsters
Spawns in villages
Give a villager an iron helmet to train it into a villager guard
Give a villager an empty glass bottle to turn it into a healer.
Swap weapons (bow, iron sword)
Wither skulls spawn randomly in Nether bridge chests
Name your guards with name tags
Guards walk slowly
Compatible with villager trading
Guards walk more frequently indoors but their speed is decreased
Give a guard a blaze rod to turn him into a wizard. As a wizard he has the ability to throw fireballs.
Wizards – give a village guard a blaze road and he will be able to throw fireballs at enemies
Restored sword guard attack power to 4 (up from 3). They can take out creepers before they explode once again (thanks for the feedback Ragnar!)
Slowed bow guard attack speed to 1 – 2 seconds (up from 0.8 – 1.2 seconds) so they aren’t rapid firing all the time (thanks for the feedback Blaze8403!)
Village guard sounds haven’t been working as they use the same files as regular skeletons. Removed until Mojang adds the ability to point to custom sounds.
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Features :
* Completely Free!
* Collector's Edition MCPE!
* All Id's and Manual Inside!
* Fast download from anywhere in the world!
* Quick help and support
* New Collection 2018
* Only the best Mods, Maps and Addons
* Best Optimization for All Devices

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Disclaimer: This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
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