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Garden lights are one of the garden accessories that you should not miss. Garden lights give beauty and beauty and illuminate your home garden. Currently available many variants of type or type of minimalist garden lamps sold in the market with a competitive price.

In placing the garden lights, must consider many things in the arrangement of the minimalist garden lights. The laying of garden lights should be appropriate for lighting and the beauty of the park fitting. The improper laying of garden lights will make the park look dark and horrible.

Light rays from ornamental garden lights can be adjusted according to taste, if there is something that we will highlight on your garden, then highlight the light of the garden lights in the area, for example you have a statue with a water shower that has a unique shape and beautiful to look at, then sorotlah lights on the statue. Arrangement of lights should also be adjusted to the shape of the garden to make the atmosphere at night to be perfect with a beautiful garden with lights cayaha.

Tips on Setting Minimalist Garden Lights

1. The layout of garden lights
First you need to consider the location of the garden lights, place the lights on the area you want to illuminate for the park lights to work optimally. Well to be more beautiful, the main light of the park is placed on the garden tengan then for a small size lamp can be placed on the edge or planted a thick with the direction of the lights facing the plant.

2. Type of garden lights
Choose a lamp that is resistant to water because of course the placement of garden lights outside so it is advisable to choose a waterproof lamp. Water resistant lights or water resistant is now widely available in the market then try to buy lamps of this type.

3. Electricity with low voltage
In the installation of electric garden lights should use low voltage due to security even more if the park lights you place near the pond. Can be dangerous if using a large voltage.

4. Placement of cables
In the placement of the cable must also be considered, for the laying can be planted in the ground with a cable path on the edge of the park that is easy to understand.

5. Spot the garden lights
Garden lights are located outside easily exposed to heat and rain that it causes the lamp easily damaged. Garden lamps should be given a place where the lamp lights to be more durable lamp of course where the lamp should be resistant to heat and water.

That's tips in arranging garden lights. Hopefully useful for you in designing modern garden lights.

To facilitate you in choosing the design of garden lights. This app provides examples of modern garden garden lighting designs.

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