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Gazebo is a building that is in the garden that usually each side is made open. In accordance with its main purpose, the gazebo is a comfortable place to enjoy the scenic beauty of the park. With the open side, you who are in it can enjoy the garden view more freely. In addition you can also enjoy the air blowing unblocked cover on each side. From the comfort of being in the gazebo, leisure activities with family members, friends, or guests will feel much more familiar.


1. Determining the Gazebo Theme Concept
Similar to home, the current gazebo model is a lot. Starting from the traditional-style gazebo, classic, country, to modern minimalist gazebo design that is now a lot of emerging. selection of gazebo bsa design tailored to the concept of the theme taken from our home building. Traditional gazebo making is usually done by making natural elements such as stone, wood, bamboo, and fiber as the dominance of the room.

While the classic-style gazebo more mimic the style of European buildings by painting the entire gazebo with white color and fill the area around with flowers. Another with a modern minimalist gazebo design, with this design you bsa membuangun Room more open, adding more modern furniture and use neutral colors that fit the concept of minimalism.

2. Ideal Gazebo Size
Calculating the size of gazebo bsa We do by adjusting the capacity we want to produce. For example, for a gazebo that can accommodate 4 people, the ideal area is 2x2 meters. the most important is, the gazebo gauge does not exceed one-fifth of the home page where the gazebo will be created. This struggles to achieve harmony and balance the size of the decor on the home page.

3. Curtains As A Romantic Atmosphere Carrier
Want to get a romantic atmosphere on our gazebo? We simply put curtains on the walls. The theme of this gazebo is perfect for those of us who are still newlyweds and still live together with pasanagan.

4. Choosing the Right Plants
In general, all beautiful plants will be good to be planted around the gazebo area. But choose plants that match the theme of the gazebo or home We bsa reinforce the impression you want displayed. Until now, flowering plants are still the main favorite to be planted around the gazebo area. also avoid making a gazebo near a big tree because this will block the lighting coming into our gazebo.

5. Ideal Gazebo Position
Usually the gazebo is built right in the middle of the page for the view gained while in it becomes more widespread and unlimited. For the other ideal position, the outermost corner of the park becomes an alternative. This position allows us to enjoy the beauty of the park before reaching the gazebo.

6. Presenting the Natural Atmosphere in the Gazebo
Roof injuk usually a favorite to decorate the gazebo. This roof is able to bring the impression of the country that looks calm. In addition to the roof injuk, We also bsa brings bamboo both as the main construction and as accessories Lokan. For modern and minimalist shades, we can use wooden floor as pedestal gazebo.

That's the tips in designing a modern gazebo. Hopefully useful for you in designing lgazebomodern.

To facilitate you in designing a modern gazebo. This application provides examples of modern gazebo design drawings.

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