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The former adds a basic strategic layer on top of the one-on-one fighting, in a nod to the classic computer game warriors.
The latter is a competitive puzzle game inspired by the great super fight.
Given that Unchained is based on Deception, it includes most of the same relative strengths and weaknesses of that game.
So, in addition to the one-on-one fighting game at the heart of the experience,
you get a couple of quirky extras in the form of chess kombat and puzzle kombat.
These were exciting extras in 2004, but their novelty outweighed their quality or lasting appeal, and by now,
the appeal will be long gone for anyone who's played these modes before. Unchained also packs in a story-driven mode called "konquest,"
which gets into a lot of the elaborate, long-winded fiction of the Mortal unchained Fight combat universe, with numbingly bad pacing and voice acting,
plus tons of pedantic tutorials. Noticeably long loading times bog down these extras as well as the one-on-one fighting,
in which you're stuck waiting about 20 seconds in between a typical bout.
Thankfully, there's a new endurance mode that lets you take on successive opponents without much interruption,
and that about does it for this game's new content.
It's a strange thing to say about a supposedly new game,
but the one-on-one fighting in game hasn't aged particularly well.
While many of the changes to the fighting system in the recent mortals Armageddon were more of a step sideways than a step forward,
going back to the Deception style of gameplay may not be an easy transition, even for devout Mortal unchained Fight combat fans.
Meanwhile, anyone unaccustomed to mortals recent evolutions will probably be overwhelmed by the counter-intuitive nature of the controls.
Each fighter has three different fighting stances, often including a weapon-based stance of some sort,
and each stance has its own moves and combos for you to memorize. Fighters also have several different special moves,
yet all of the different characters wind up feeling similar in practice because their moves are analogous.
The combat has a stiff feel to it that doesn't click until you've learned all of the controls and a given character's moves and combos.
Notably, Armageddon's fairly interesting kreate-a-fighter mode isn't in here, nor is the custom fatality system.
But these aren't big losses, especially since Unchained's gory fatalities are still quite a sight.
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